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Insurers Clash With Health Providers As States Expand Medicaid Managed Care

Many states are trying to restrain Medicaid spending by putting more people into managed care plans, but with billions of dollars at stake, insurers and health providers are lobbying hard for their interests.HeyQbKe3NLE


Leading Health Indicators for Healthy People 2020: Letter Report

Cover imageStarting in 1990, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued a national agenda aimed at improving the health of all Americans over the 10-year span. At the request of HHS, the IOM identified a set of leading health indicators that could be used by Healthy People 2020 and developed a conceptual framework within which the topics, indicators, and objectives would be developed or selected…


More Physicians Say No to Endless Workdays

Days of house calls and night calls over? See the NYT article.
Many physicians prefer predictable hours that allow for family time, a change that is transforming the way patients get care.


Health care out to bid

A story from AP Mobile: Now that us a novel idea!

Created by a doctor, a lawyer and a former benefits manager, Open Health Market is an online matchmaker of sorts: Employers submit requests for proposals for a category of medical services and procedures – knee surgeries, for example, or cardiac care. Health care providers then submit competing bids, which are then evaluated by the employer…

New site lets employers put health care out to bid

For some primary care, try your local pharmacist

The average adult fills about a dozen prescriptions and refills every year; after age 65, they fill more than 30 prescriptions annually. For many people, their local pharmacist may be as familiar as their doctor — and often a lot easier to get time with. Some pharmacists are building on that position, expanding their role from drug dispenser to drug educator and chronic disease coach. By doing so, they may fill a void created by the shortage of primary-care physicians while boosting their business…

Here is the link: http://fluentnews.com/s/26594619

Radiation Release from Japanese Reactors

With attention focused on the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan, patients are likely to be asking about potassium iodide, which blocks the uptake of radioactive iodine by the thyroid. Authorities in Japan have been distributing potassium iodide tablets to people near affected nuclear power reactors.Recognizing that we have readers around the world, we thought it might be useful to provide some information about potassium iodide, as published by the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.

via Questions Likely Concerning Radiation Release from Japanese Reactors – Physician\\\’s First Watch.

NYTimes: Health Law Provision Raises Antitrust Concerns

From The New York Times:

Health Law Provision Raises Antitrust Concerns

The Federal Trade Commission and the Justice Department are in a struggle over policing an area of the health care law.