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Self-strengthening polymer

Check out: “Self-strengthening polymer nanocomposite works best under pressure” – www.engadget.com


No one keeps carbon nanotubes down — especially not these ones. The always popular allotropes have been enlisted by researchers at Rice University to create a composite material that gets stronger under pressure. When combined with polydimethylsiloxane, a rubbery polymer, the tubes form a nanocomposite that exhibits self-strengthening properties also exhibited in bones. During testing, the team found the material increased in stiffness by 12 percent after 3.5 million compressions. Apparently, the crew is stumped on why it reacts this way, but is no less eager to see it working in the real world — discussion is already underway to use the stuff as artificial cartilage. And here we thought aerogel was cool…

For some primary care, try your local pharmacist

The average adult fills about a dozen prescriptions and refills every year; after age 65, they fill more than 30 prescriptions annually. For many people, their local pharmacist may be as familiar as their doctor — and often a lot easier to get time with. Some pharmacists are building on that position, expanding their role from drug dispenser to drug educator and chronic disease coach. By doing so, they may fill a void created by the shortage of primary-care physicians while boosting their business…

Here is the link: http://fluentnews.com/s/26594619

Hazards: Misuse of Drugs Crowds Emergency Rooms

From The New York Times:

VITAL SIGNS: Hazards: Misuse of Drugs Crowds Emergency Rooms

Some 700,000 Americans are taken to the hospital each year after ingesting drugs, both legal and illegal, a new study reports. And the care costs nearly $1.4 billion in emergency room charges alone.

The study, published in the March issue of The American Journal of Emergency Medicine, was based on data from the 2007 Nationwide Emergency Department Sample, a government database that includes information on 27 million visits to 970 emergency rooms in 27 states…


Better Drug Ads, Fewer Side Effects

From The New York Times:

OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR: Better Drug Ads, Fewer Side Effects

Congress should pass legislation to let drug companies develop joint ad campaigns that are specific to certain ailments but not to any particular drug.