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Taking A Page From Pharma’s Playbook To Fight The Opioid Crisis

Insurers Clash With Health Providers As States Expand Medicaid Managed Care

Many states are trying to restrain Medicaid spending by putting more people into managed care plans, but with billions of dollars at stake, insurers and health providers are lobbying hard for their interests.HeyQbKe3NLE


Leading Health Indicators for Healthy People 2020: Letter Report

Cover imageStarting in 1990, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has issued a national agenda aimed at improving the health of all Americans over the 10-year span. At the request of HHS, the IOM identified a set of leading health indicators that could be used by Healthy People 2020 and developed a conceptual framework within which the topics, indicators, and objectives would be developed or selected…


Health care out to bid

A story from AP Mobile: Now that us a novel idea!

Created by a doctor, a lawyer and a former benefits manager, Open Health Market is an online matchmaker of sorts: Employers submit requests for proposals for a category of medical services and procedures – knee surgeries, for example, or cardiac care. Health care providers then submit competing bids, which are then evaluated by the employer…

New site lets employers put health care out to bid

U.S. Faces Shortage of Doctors

A shortage of primary-care and other physicians could mean more-limited access to health care and longer wait times for patients.Proponents of the new health-care law say it does attempt to address the physician shortage. The law offers sweeteners to encourage more people to enter medical professions, and a 10% Medicare pay boost for primary-care doctors.Meanwhile, a number of new medical schools have opened around the country recently. As of last October, four new medical schools enrolled a total of about 190 students, and 12 medical schools raised the enrollment of first-year students by a total of 150 slots, according to the AAMC. Some 18,000 students entered U.S. medical schools in the fall of 2009, the AAMC says.

via U.S. Faces Shortage of Doctors – WSJ.com.

As Health Costs Soar, G.O.P. and Insurers Differ on Cause

From The New York Times:

As Health Costs Soar, G.O.P. and Insurers Differ on Cause

The new federal health care law may eventually “bend the cost curve” downward, as proponents argue. But for now, at many workplaces here, the rising cost of health care is prompting insurance premiums to skyrocket while coverage is shrinking…


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NYTimes: A Debate Bigger Than Reform

From The New York Times:

EDITORIAL: A Debate Bigger Than Reform

There is an intense debate playing out in political and legal circles about the Constitution and Congress’s power to solve national problems.